Crystal Healing Session (60 minutes)

Crystal Healing Session (60 minutes)

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Discover the gentle yet potent healing energy of crystals no matter where you are with our Distance Crystal Healing Sessions. Our experienced Crystal Healing practitioner is ready to bring the power of these precious gemstones to your life, helping you find balance, clarity, and rejuvenation on a profound level. 

What is Distance Crystal Healing?

Distance Crystal Healing is a unique and effective way to experience the therapeutic properties of crystals from any location. Our skilled practitioner will tap into the vibrational energy of carefully selected crystals and transmit their healing frequencies to you, no matter the distance. 

What to Expect:

During your distance Crystal Healing session, the following will occur: 

Customised Crystal Layout: Our practitioner will create a personalised crystal layout, selecting specific crystals that align with your intentions and needs. 

Energetic Alignment: The crystals' energies will be directed towards you, promoting energy balance, emotional release and chakra alignment. 

Guided Meditation:  As you relax in a quiet space, our practitioner will guide you through a meditation to enhance the healing experience and encourage deeper relaxation. 

Detailed Insights: Towards the end of the session, you will receive insights and recommendations from the practitioner based on the energy work performed, empowering you to continue your Crystal Healing journey. 

Why Choose Us:

Experienced Practitioner: Our Crystal Healing practitioner has over 18 years of experience in working with the subtle energies of crystals.

Personalised Approach: Every session is tailored to your unique intentions and areas of concern.

Distance Convenience: Experience the benefits of Crystal Healing from the comfort and safety of your own space.

Positive Transformation: Clients often report increased clarity, emotional release and a sense of rejuvenation after Distance Crystal Healing sessions.

Invest in Your Well-Being:

Prioritise your holistic well-being and invest in the power of Crystal Healing. Distance Crystal Healing Sessions can provide deep relaxation, emotional healing and a renewed sense of purpose.

Book Your Distance Crystal Healing Session Today:

Select the Crystal Healing Session - 60 minutes (distance) on our website and complete the purchase online. Once payment is received, you will be contacted by email with a proposed selection of dates and times to choose from for your distance Crystal Healing session to start your journey towards balance, clarity and rejuvenation.  Virtual appointments are usually available within one week (although there can also be a waiting list), however, please note that depending on the purpose of the Crystal Healing session required, dates may be provided to reflect what is perceived to potentially be the more favourable days to conduct the desired treatment. Please snure you have a good internet connection during your Crystal Healing virtual appointment. 

Discover the transformative energy of crystals as they work their magic in your life.

Disclaimer: Do NOT use whilst driving or operating machinery.

Distance Crystal Healing sessions are complementary to traditional healthcare practices and should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

We operate a zero tolerance policy for physical and/or verbal (including written) abuse against all our practitioners, business owners and clients. We aim to treat clients with courtesy at all times and expect clients to show similar respect towards any representative of the business.

Right to Cancel Session by Client and Refunds:

The Client can cancel their Crystal Healing session by giving at least 2 calendar days’ notice in writing via email and the purchase will be refunded.  Unfortunately, due to demand for appointments, if the session is cancelled by the Client with less than 2 calendar days’ notice in writing via email, we can only offer a partial refund of 50% of the total purchase (excluding delivery). 

Right to Cancel Session / Package by Practitioner and Refunds:

The Practitioner reserves the right to refuse to administer or cancel the Crystal Healing session for any reason and the relevant purchase refund will be provided to the Client.