Spiritual Response Therapy (Break Old Habits) Session

Spiritual Response Therapy (Break Old Habits) Session

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1-to-1 online session (90 minutes)

Embark on a life-changing 90-minute Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session specifically crafted to help you break free from ingrained, unwanted habits and patterns. SRT is a potent and non-invasive spiritual healing technique that focuses on clearing negative energies, thought loops, and emotional barriers that may be holding you back from making positive changes in your life.

Session Highlights

Personalised Habit Assessment: Your SRT practitioner will begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the habits you wish to change. This assessment is instrumental in identifying the underlying causes and energy blocks associated with these habits.

Energy Clearing: Using specialised charts and pendulum dowsing, the practitioner will pinpoint and target the negative energies, thought patterns, and emotional baggage associated with your unwanted habits.

Breaking Psychological Chains: SRT can assist in breaking the psychological chains that keep you bound to old habits, empowering you to make conscious choices aligned with your desired changes.

Emotional Healing: Identify and release emotional triggers and past traumas that contribute to the persistence of unwanted habits, promoting emotional freedom and healing.

Creating Positive Habits: SRT helps you create and reinforce positive habits and behaviors that support your well-being and personal growth.

Resilience Building: Develop greater resilience and willpower, making it easier to overcome the urge to revert to old habits.

Guidance and Insights: Gain valuable insights and guidance on strategies to overcome old habits and establish healthier routines in your life.

Stress Reduction: The session promotes relaxation and stress relief, which can be pivotal in managing the stressors that often lead to unwanted habits.

Self-Care Practices: Your practitioner may provide recommendations for ongoing self-care practices that complement your journey to break old habits.

Benefits of SRT for Breaking Old Habits:

  • Freedom from unwanted habits and addictions
  • Enhanced self-control and willpower
  • Emotional healing and release of past triggers
  • Cultivation of positive habits and behaviours
  • Stress reduction and improved well-being
  • Personal growth and self-improvement

Invest in your personal growth and well-being with a 90-minute Spiritual Response Therapy session focused on breaking old habits. Allow the power of SRT to clear the path toward a more fulfilling and habit-free life. Start your transformative journey toward breaking old habits today.


Results may vary from person to person, and SRT is not a replacement for professional addiction treatment or therapy. Seek professional help for severe addictions or habits that may pose health risks.