Spiritual Response Therapy (Family Relationships) Session

Spiritual Response Therapy (Family Relationships) Session

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1-to-1 online session (90 minutes)

Experience a profound 90-minute Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session specifically tailored to improve and heal family relationships. SRT is a powerful and non-invasive spiritual healing technique that focuses on clearing negative energies, resolving conflicts and promoting understanding and harmony within your family dynamics.

Session Highlights 

Personalised Assessment: Your SRT practitioner will begin the session by conducting a thorough assessment of your family's energy dynamics and individual contributions. This assessment is crucial in identifying and addressing specific issues within the family unit.

Energy Clearing: Using specialized charts and pendulum dowsing, the practitioner will pinpoint and address negative energies, emotional blockages and unresolved conflicts that may be causing discord within the family.

Conflict Resolution: SRT can help facilitate the resolution of conflicts and misunderstandings among family members by addressing their root causes, allowing for peaceful and harmonious interactions.

Healing Family Wounds: Identify and release family-related emotional baggage, past traumas, and unresolved issues that may be affecting the overall well-being of the family.

Communication Enhancement: Improve family communication by addressing underlying issues and fostering open, honest and empathetic dialogue among family members.

Reconciliation: For families experiencing estrangement or tension, SRT can support the process of reconciliation and rebuilding stronger, more loving relationships.

Building Empathy: SRT encourages family members to understand each other's perspectives and develop empathy, which is vital for nurturing healthy relationships.

Guidance and Insights: Gain valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate family dynamics, foster understanding and create lasting harmony within the family unit.

Strengthening Bonds: Promote stronger bonds and connections among family members, fostering a sense of unity and support.

Follow-Up Recommendations: Your practitioner may provide recommendations for ongoing family communication and self-care practices to support the continued improvement of family relationships.

Benefits of SRT for Family Relationships:

  • Improved family communication and understanding
  • Resolution of family conflicts and tensions
  • Healing of family-related emotional wounds
  • Greater unity and harmony within the family
  • Enhanced empathy among family members
  • Strengthened family bonds and connections

Invest in the well-being and harmony of your family with a 90-minute Spiritual Response Therapy session focused on family relationships. Allow the power of SRT to clear the path toward understanding, reconciliation, and love within your family. Start your transformative journey toward healthier and happier family relationships today.


Results may vary from family to family and SRT is not a replacement for professional family therapy or counseling. Seek professional guidance for complex or deeply rooted family issues.